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Boarding (2 dogs) more than 14 days

For drop off or Pick up Hours 8am-5pm

  • 1 h
  • From 975 US dollars
  • Located in Rockwall, Texas.

Service Description

Overnight stay with pet care provider in my home. Hours 8am-5pm Here is a quick packing list of what to bring: 1. Please bring their NECK doggy collars (with updated dog tags) and functional leashes. 2. Please bring their dog food (plenty for their stay) along with some food toppings or a can of delicious wet food; (this is NECESSARY in case that we need to encourage normal meal consumption due to them being in a new environment), treats, bones, dishes and any medicine / supplements that they might need. Whatever they don't use, will be returned to you. 3. You are more than welcomed to bring any comfort items such as their dog bed, blankets, toys, or any extra bells, whistles, and comfort items that might make for a good doggie party. (However, please make sure that whatever you bring is NOT irreplaceable as doggies will be doggies, ya know, and no re-imbursement, refund or replacement of ANY kind will be provided for items that sustain damage or get lost). 4. Crate or kennel. (This is extremely important. We may use it for sleeping arrangements or feeding arrangements). If you don't have one please let us know so we can ensure we have a kennel readily available for them. 6. Please ensure your Emergency Point Of Contact information and ensure that they know their role in the event of an emergency. That they are able to assist if needed. Remember that in the event something unexpected happens to your pet(s), just in case we cannot get a hold of you, this person needs to be able to make decisions on your behalf and be able to come get your pet(s), if necessary. 7. Please label (everything) you bring, as it will make ALL our lives much easier. More information can be found on our website at or message us with any questions. Thank you very much for choosing us to care for your family, and fur baby. Enjoy the same peace of mind that hundreds of like-minded, smart, satisfied families experienced by making the right choice in picking The Best over the rest :)

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Rockwall, Tx

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