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Hours for drop off's & Pick up's

Monday: 8AM-5PM

Tuesday: 8AM-5PM

Wednesdays: 8AM-5PM

Thursdays: 8AM-5PM

Friday: 8AM-5PM

Saturday: 8AM-5PM

Sunday: 8AM-5PM

Lunch Break: 12pm

Some days my family will assist with watching

the dogs while I am away for appointments or 

military duties.

comfort item.jpeg

Quick overall of your dog's routine while boarding with us will be:

6am-7am wake up & potty time

7am-8am chow time

9am-12pm play sessions, free roaming doggie enrichment activities, training or etc.

12pm-1pm nap time

1pm -3pm play time & potty time

4pm-5pm chow time

6pm-9pm play time, potty time, free roaming, snuggles

9pm-6am bed time (in their kennel)

Supervised potty breaks every ~3 hours.

(Doggie door usage and free roaming alone in yard is not allowed)

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