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Dog Basic Training

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Does your beloved pup struggle with socialization or display dominance issues? Let us help them become the best version of themselves with our tailored Boarding & Training program!

🐾 **Unlock Your Dog's Potential with Our Doggie Boot Camp!** 🐾

✨Customized Training: 

Our comprehensive program covers everything your furry friend needs to become a well-behaved companion. After completing this comprehensive 4-6 week course, your beloved canine companion will be proficient in fundamental commands such as sit, stay, come, and boundaries. Additionally, they will grasp crucial concepts including rehabilitation, reinforcement, adjustment, conditioning, learning, and etiquette. From learning basic fundamentals to learning essential commands and leash manners, we've got it all covered!

📅 Flexible Duration:

Each dog learns at their own pace. While some may show progress within one month, some in two months or more, we're committed to your dog's success, offering an additional month if needed for a fee

($1000 per month).

🐾 Comprehensive Socialization:

Our program goes beyond basic training. They get to learn with a pack structure, thresholds, learn to manage behavioral issues (we do not accept aggressive dogs),  consistent schedule and routine, and more.

📅 Limited Availability:

Please note that I'm unavailable for one-on-one training during the May 24-June 18  due to Military training. However, I'm committed to accommodating your needs outside of this timeframe.

Secure your spot now for training sessions between April 15th and May 6th. Don't miss out – the last dates available for Puppy Boot Camp are April 21st to May 19th.


Starting JULY 16 2024!

💼 Prices:

Prices can vary depending on the dog and the skill level. The program, priced at $1, 000.and may be subject to additional cost as needed, offers the flexibility to incorporate additional training services (leash training to potty training, bark control, jumping inhibition, and possessive behavior management, digging behaviors and more) tailored to your dog's specific needs for additional fee(s).

🎓 **Comprehensive Wrap-Up:**

At the end of the program, we provide a thorough session to review your dog's progress and offer guidance on continuing their training at home. Plus, you'll always have our ongoing support for any questions or pointers you need post-training.

Give your furry friend the opportunity to thrive and enjoy being a cherished member of your family. Contact us today to enroll in our Doggie Boot Camp and embark on a journey to a happier, well-behaved pup! 🐶✨

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