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About us

Doggie R & R was founded to help give families a pet care provider that they can trust and rely on. We know how hard it is to leave your fur babies when you go anywhere, because we have been in the same situation before. Therefore, we decided to open our home to provide the best care for you and your fur babies when you leave town, or when you need some time off.

K-9 behaviorists, training, boarding, grooming, fostering, and more!

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, we are focused on not only training your pet, but teaching you how to effectively communicate with them. This method of training is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.


Learn More!

HI! I'm Danielle.

We want to thank you for choosing our doggie socialization, boarding, training, and behavioral adjustment services. We offer one on one training, group training, grooming and so much more. We are located in Rockwall, Tx

Our family consists of my husband, who is a retired disabled Army Vet K9 handler, my in-laws, our 9 year old black lab (Luke-Batman), and our 3 year old huskies (Harley Quinn & Shadow).

We are very experienced with K9s (30+ years), as well as exotic animals of all kinds ranging from reptiles to birds, to farm animals, and small household pets. There's not one pet we haven't had. We also worked with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCS) helping them while they were under-staffed in order to care for many rescues, such as Cody's Friends Rescue in the DFW area.


We specialize in senior, young as well as those pets with special needs or different disorders.

We both work from home full-time, but we are willing to meet up or have doggie play dates whenever our strict schedule permits. We want you to know who is caring for your fur baby(s) and to be at ease

while your pets are in our care.

Our dogs are emotional support pets that are trained and well-behaved. They are friendly and accustomed to all sorts of other easy-going furry friends. Our Black Lab is very docile, the Huskies are extremely playful and always happy. All our babies are healthy and up to date with all their shots and preventive medicine.

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How it works

Connect With Us!

Check our website for all of your answers, if you still have questions reach out to us via email or text us at (272)226-9203. We are on social media as well. 

Fill out all the details about your pup(s) so that we can schedule your drop off time slot.

Exams and Vaccinations

Make sure your fur baby(s) are completely up to date so that we can receive them without hesitation. We need all forms uploaded before we can take your baby(s). Email us at

Coordinate Drop Off!

Please make sure you follow our instructions for dropping off your fur baby(s). Our schedules are tight and we strive to give you the best time and days for us to give you the attention that you deserve when you drop your fur baby(s) with us. If you have questions,

let us know. (272)226-9203

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